Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Burn in Hell!

After coming across the negative comments in yahoo, etc. lately regarding the late Michael Jackson, I feel really really sad about this whole world today! Have they ever thought of how his immediate family members, his mum and children, his loved ones might feel reading them? NO! Is this the kind of treatment we give to a late artist (he's a true artist in every aspect - a true legendary dancer, singer, composer, musician), not even some Basic Respect for the dead? Hey, guys out there, even no matter how much you don't like somebody, have the basic respect for the dead and keep your BLxxxY mouth shut!

Oh yes, I know that the world is not so gloomy after all. There are thousands of positive comments more than the negative ones. MJ was one of the most original artist and contributed the most to charities. Look at the lyrics in his songs like "Man in the Mirror", "Heal the World", etc and etc... How many artists can touch the world like this? Never stopped hoping and singing to the world telling us to make it a better place for you and for me. Buy the Malaysian's "Passion commemorative issue 2nd edition" and you will read about it all.

Look at the human rights issues in the world today, it's countless. Then, the "animal rights", haha.. how many panda bears have we left today? Hundreds? Just like some native human tribes. Then look at our environment, the pollution, etc. WE ARE KILLING EACH OTHER!

My opinion - the world should come to an end soon. We all deserve to die, burn in hell. No one deserves heaven. Who on earth will ever have that kind of patience Jesus has?