Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Freedom is a condition of your heart. It is not something which can be seen by "shallow eyes" and people with "shallow" hearts. It does not seek approval, or "like", or even others' understanding. It is a selfish pleasure of an individual. When you are truly free in your heart, no matter where you are, you are truly joyful.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Have Hope!

Seller has hope. Buyer has hope. Hope is the element which keeps life going.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baby Safety

This photo is taken just yesterday in Malaysia. I believe the lower income group in Malaysia is earning so little that most can't afford a car or motorbike. And for those families with babies among the lower income group, this sight is common. Some parents even ride their bikes with 2-3 children on it. I don't think any helmet for babies are available in Malaysia. And the police are more interested in "catching" rich car owners than poor motorbikers in general. This is life in Malaysia.

Solitude Shown

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The "Photo Expert"

Ah Beng: "Bro, you received the Sony image file I sent to you ah? The one with your face in it?"
Ah Seng: "Yup, replied ur email. The skin tone not bad, but colors still look a bit digital lah..."

Ah Beng: "How about the Olympus one I sent?"
Ah Seng: "Ah.. that one nicer... the skin tone I meant... doesn't look so digital... but I hate the noise!"

Ah Beng: "I'm just wondering... if you like film so much... why don't you shoot film?"
Ah Seng: "Shoot film troublesome lah... expensive... hard to find a good lab... etc etc..."

Ah Beng: "Hey, what do you think of that film scan I emailed to you, the one I shot with Lucky Color Film on my M6 the other day... remember?"
Ah Seng: "Oh yeah... I like the film look but... the skin tone sucks!"

Ah Beng: "How about the one I shot with Kodak Portra?"
Ah Seng: "Oh... that one the skin tone is nice... but when indoors, not so nice..."
Ah Beng: "You think it's better than digital?"
Ah Seng: "A bit grainy lah... I like the smoothness in digital... like the Sony's one."

Ah Beng: "I'm just wondering, since you like film look, but don't like grains; yet you prefer Portra's skin tone, but you don't like to shoot film; you prefer Oly's skin tone to Sony but don't like Oly's noise... what do you shoot with???"

Ah Seng: "Oh... Hahaha... I basically hang around forums commenting on others' shots... I own a Nikon but my son uses it more... I also do have a Canon but it's for leisure... you know... daily shots... but it's too bulky, so I usually leave it at home... But I usually try all sorts of cameras my friends have... when they bring their gears during our *Teh Tarik sessions..."

Ah Beng: "Oh, so you do photowalks during the Teh Tarik sessions?"
Ah Seng: "Erhem... we usually just sit down and talk..."

*(terminology: teh tarik means having tea)

Friday, June 03, 2011

The Opposition Party

The next generation always goes against the previous. History repeats itself all the time.