Thursday, March 01, 2018

Being Alone

Konica Hexar RF, made in 1938 50 summicron, Ilford XP2
Sometimes in street photography, I like to include more of the environment to tell the story. The dark edges in this shot adds a mysterious/secretly filmed kind of feeling to it, at the same time including much details. Women, in my eyes are usually capable and strong. Many of them possess a kind of strength that men do not have. Determination, stubbornness, the refusal to give up, the strength in biting on an issue for years, etc. I know of many women who single handedly raised up their kids without their husbands. This woman reminds me of that feeling.

Tourist earning allowance . 200218

Konica Hexar RF, 1938 Leitz 50 summicron, Ilford XP2.
This is my first time seeing a tourist earning allowances by selling photography services. Maybe I should too.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Starting Work . 初五 . 20 Feb 2018

Konica Hexar RF with 1938 50 summicron, XP2 
Started my morning in Petaling Street for breakfast before heading to Teluk Intan for a day trip, testing my vintage lens and the Hexar which I have not been using for a long time.
For a 1938 lens, this is full of flavour and character, but don't expect modern sharpness.
I shot this at F2.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Colours in Life . 190218

An Old Malay House in Kuala Lumpur
I am thankful to God my eyes can see. 

There should be colours in life, not just black and white. Colours often bring cheer and a positive outlook, contrary to black and white. But black and white leads us away from reality, yet removes the distraction of the real world and makes us more sensitive to our inner feelings.

Today I choose to share some colours in life that we often overlooked. The roof over our heads, the food we get to eat, our colourful toothbrush, broom and slippers, the clothes we choose to wear, etc. Everything can be beautiful when bathed in the morning sun. 

Appreciate what we have, smile when you wake up each morning because you are still breathing, find a dozen of things you can be thankful for each day and your life will be full of colours of your own.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Hairstylist . 2013

Ricoh GR, ISO5000, SOOC, 2013
Straight from the camera with no editing... Now, I'm beginning to miss the Ricoh.

Pasar malam (night market) is a part of Malaysia's culture. Today, it has gotten so expensive that you can easily spend RM50 within 50 metres of walking in it, and your stomach is still less than half full. But walking with a camera is free of charge, empty stomach but if you are lucky, you get some nice shots. It's a good place to test your high ISO, haha...

Expressions . 2013

shot with Ricoh GR, ISO3200, SOOC, 2013
Found this in my harddrive, the Ricoh GR files really are much better than the GRDiii :)

I remember I sold my GR a few months after I owned it (actually exchanged it with a Konica Hexar from a friend), because I preferred the deeper depth of field (due to it's smaller sensor) and larger aperture of the GRDiii (F1.8 vs F2.8).

I did no touch up to the above file. It's straight from the camera. That's the nice thing about the Ricohs!

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Gritty Roast Goose 2018

From GRDiii, RAW edited in LR, 2018.

I have stopped carrying a camera in my bag daily for quite a while except my Samsung S7 mobile. Recently dug out my Ricoh GRDiii and started shooting again... more like testing it because I planned to sell it. (Sold)

Kinda miss it's black and white, and the comfortable grip, the customizable buttons and decent battery life! (Comparing to Sony, it's long life!)

This is just one of the test shots of one of my favourite food.

Using a proper camera really is different from holding a smartphone. You feel different.

I am happy that my GRDiii is in the hands of another enthusiast now and I hope he continues to produce wonderful pictures with it.

Friday, February 02, 2018

Sisters, 2013

I am back posting and writing after a long long silence.

Photo taken with Ricoh GRD3 (SOOC) years ago in Singapore. I am actually pixel peeping my files considering which cameras to sell off. Trying to reduce my camera collection, haha...

Photography and gears are closely knitted. One can't live without the other. It's impossible not to discuss about gears and pixel peep from time to time. Not necessarily with people, but in my own world.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Opposite Attracts or ...

Common Interest. Dannok, Thailand. 2011.

Opposite attracts or "Birds of the same feathers flock together"?

I think both exists. It depends on how you look at it.