Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life 1.25 inches

Part of a series of shots exploring what I feel about life. 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Son's First Shots of Me

These are my 3 year old son's first shots of me a while ago using the Canon G7. He has since improved in "image stabilisation" and cropping. However, my wife just found out today her G7 might need to see a doctor due to corner of images blurring - suspected sensor problem. I should have handed a Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 to my kid.

He has great eyes for details, like he ever spotted a fly resting on his rocking horse 5 meters away, a flying kite xx kilometers away in the sky while traveling in a moving car, etc. and etc. Though he forgets where he put his stuff many times, and ever hid his mum's pen drive in between some boxes for over 48 hours before finding it. He also has this "Creative Director" temper when he'll lash it out at his parents when we fail to draw on paper the stuff he wants or arrange his toys the way he wants. I consider that part of my retribution. He has almost 100% of my wife's looks and almost 100% of my temperament. How bad could this get? (I'm referring to the temperament part, undeniably, my wife looks good... hee hee...)

Lastly, for all those who have not procreated, I believe your offspring are your best teachers in life and God has definitely intended it that way. So, go forth and multiply.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Truths, Truths and Truths that People Ignore

We all need a knife, probably as sharp as a Parang, to cut open ourselves and look deep inside to see our own evil sometimes. In life, we are often delusional without realizing it. We look at others' faults more than our own. We push the blame whenever we could. We judge others but ourselves. We care for our own interests ONLY. We do not speak up and warn others even when we see something obviously wrong. We have gotten used to paying Malaysian Police bribes maybe... that we choose to close one eye on everything. We take no pride in our work. We skive and facebook 8 hours a day during office hours. Maybe even MSN, Limewire, twitter, download movies, MP3s, etc.. all in the name of multi-tasking. Is this Malaysian culture?

Like I have mentioned in my earlier posts before, that a Japanese Retail Salesgirl in Japan takes more pride in polishing her retail front window than Malaysian Professional Wedding Photographers. Why? For example, we deliver un-touched images bright and dark to our clients, or lie to our wedding couples that we are very professional photographers but in actual fact, we probably have never shot a wedding entirely on our own without assistants before! (and some work with 3 assistants). We pose with cameras on wedding days in the most passionate fashion... lie down on the floor, jump on top of a table maybe.. etc.. but couples never get to see our shots. Why? Cause only "assistants"' shots are worthy at the end. Have we all become a joke???

Right here is an article I come across, so worthy to read, bookmark and save that I just couldn't resist sharing it online. Here's is an excerpt from the article: 

"Being a photographer is about how we live our lives as a light for others, not how much we can climb above our contemporaries and how much dough we can suck out from our clients for the sake of having a really good looking bank account. As Olympus Visionary John Isaac once said in the book Perfect Digital Photography:

I feel that I am a human being first and a photojournalist second. During my career, I followed one simple guideline: Never take away someone’s dignity, just as I would not want someone to take away my dignity...

...This guideline has prompted me to put down my camera in several situations where it would not have been appropriate for me to be making pictures. Sure, I may have produced some powerful photographs, but only at the expense of another human being.

Wow.. what awesome words they are from a true master of the craft. Lets go forth, be honest, fair dinkum photo enthusiasts who are passionate and honest about our craft, and share some great images while spreading a good attitude to those around us."

To read the full article, click HERE.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Cats and Dogs - PLEASE DON'T EAT THEM!

Just some stray cats and dogs I saw in my recent street walking. The last one has beautiful eyes looking right into me. Wow... They are lovely animals, yet people eat them. There are recent reports that Korea has commercialized and legalized eating cats and dogs! And the way they cage and kill them is outrageously CRUEL! Read it HERE! If you are still human, you should feel something and do something! To see how CRUEL they are, click HERE! (NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED) Let's spread this message to all people we know! Boycott KOREAN Products!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy Halloween... ... belated... ...

German Soldiers' Graves of the First World War

May God remember their bravery and sacrifice! Happy Belated Halloween! (Though I really don't know what they celebrate for? I only know the Chinese Ching Ming Festival.)

Trapped in a Ball