Sunday, June 28, 2009

To All Photographers and True Lovers of Photography

Quote: "Use your fxxxing brain. People don't think enough. People don't use their brain. They use copy-paste. Your brain is free. It is fast. Wickedly fast." Erik Spiekermann (1947), German typographer and designer.

To think I haven't spoken enough of the industry's lack of integrity, conscience, ethics and self-respect earlier, you can read more here and here. The world truly is upside-down.

Proven Marketing Strategy 1: Study what images sell in the market, copy them.
Proven Marketing Strategy 2: Study how established photographers source for business, copy them.
Proven Marketing Strategy 3: Study the influential, if possible, join and conform, be like them.

If we still have some self-respect, just like those Japanese retail workers I mentioned earlier, we should start taking pride in what we do. They wrap your purchases better than some photographers claiming they are artists.

My Proven Marketing Strategy is Do What You Love and Love What You Do. If you are not enjoying it, why do it?

Let us remind one another NOT to Prostitute Art for Money/Fame. Each of us have our own group of followers. We have no reasons to be insecure.

Lastly, if you are truly enjoying the art of copying, please forget this blog and forget me. You too will have your own group of followers. That's a worldwide FACT. Again, no one can define "COPY" to be exact, but we should all have our own conscience to answer to, even if you don't believe in God.

Here's an old archived image from year 2003.