Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gas, P.Jaya., Malaysia, 2009

Just for fun. This is in response to Mr. Currypuff's latest post (click here).

Yes, I know that the world is already gloomy enough, we should all go and "GAS" ourselves... ...(I also put up some joyful shot here to cheer you up)... ... but a few of us were just discussing the topic on "Theme Shooting", and some of us already have some imaginations in our head... ... so let's just DO IT!

I was walking past these gas tanks yesterday and the prankster in me just took over, thinking of getting this shot to counter-post Mr. Currypuff just for the fun of it. Hahaha... this is fun! Not a bad theme ah... "GAS". Maybe some of us can shoot some "FART" next to cheer the world.

Hey, everyone out there, if you have a GAS shot you think is interesting or provoking enough, email me and I'll post it up or give us the link. Credit will certainly goes to you.

Photography is to be enjoyed. JUST FOR FUN!