Saturday, August 30, 2014

Good Sleep

From a year 2011 recently self-processed negative. Negative has grown mouldy. Probably taken with Leica M6, 35cron and on APX400 film.

At night in bed, I'll pray a short prayer next to him, asking Jesus to give him sweet dreams and a good night sleep. And he'll correct me by saying, "No! No dreams! A good sleep has no dreams."
He's absolutely right!

In the morning, I'll ask him, "Did you have a good sleep?" He'll usually say, "Yes!"

That's how simple life seems.

But today, I think of all the children in the world who's suffering. The ones who flee to the mountains to escape the killing of the ISIS, the ones who suffer hunger and the lack of clean water around the world, the ones kidnapped by syndicates and made beggars on the streets who probably having broken arms and legs, the ones dying from a terminal illness and suffering in pain, the ones brainwashed as young soldiers killing others... so on and so forth.

Could we just for a moment, daily, remember that we are indeed very fortunate?