Saturday, December 11, 2010

Playing in the Rain, Pulau Ketam, Malaysia

I truly enjoyed the one morning I spent at Pulau Ketam last Saturday. It was an organized gathering with Malaysia's Olympus Users. The island seems locked in time, back maybe in the 80s... Kids as young as 5 years old are playing in the drizzling rain... the only vehicle on the island is bicycle... people are friendly (though some are camera-shy, probably too many tourists have been shuffling their DSLRs into their faces?)...

We had our group photo taken outside the one and only Police Station by a police constable. We ate delicious and affordable seafood. The light drizzle softens the day, cools everyone down with a cool temper. We strolled instead of walked fast like the typical "City-chaps". The island was "big" enough to give each one of us "freedom" from one another in doing our own photography. That was nice!

Looking at the simplicity on the island, it's again another reminder to me that knowing contentment is wisdom, and it leads to true happiness.

"Want what you have and you will always have what you want."