Monday, October 12, 2009

Quote used By Olympus

I am privileged to have my quote used by Olympus for their newest local newspaper advertisements nationwide. Just to clarify, I am no spokesman or celebrated photographer of Olympus. I am just a common Olympus user like any others. And I definitely do not receive any monetary benefits or free cameras from Olympus. I bought all my Olympus cameras with my own money and write all about Olympus with sincere truthfulness based on my actual experiences using the cameras.

Olympus is a brand often overshadowed by the big names like Nikon and Canon. Let us not forget Olympus has a legendary history in designing and making cameras! For example, a 1973 Olympus OM-1 is so much better-designed than the Nikon FM 2. And who started the half-frames? Olympus! Check out the legendary Olympus Pen FT. These are just some of the amazing histories.

I am a fan of mechanical perfection. Leica, Rolex, you name it. I love cameras which are designed with photographers' fussiness in mind. For example, Nikon's user features often exceed a professional photographer's requirements. Olympus cameras are designed to optimize image quality to it's best straight out of cameras to minimize photographers' post-editing work. Olympus believes that a photographer should spend time shooting without too much fuss over camera settings and post-processing. Olympus believes in photography as a ART form, and that cameras should reduce our technical burden. If you like a camera with lots of settings to play with (in that you probably are a true geek), try Nikon. Different people enjoy photography in different ways. As for me, I'd rather spend time shooting than editing.

Olympus? Just a personal choice. Try it!