Saturday, May 09, 2009

JV Epidemic

Latest Industry News:
(This post contains explicit and sensitive content meant for the Malaysia Wedding Photography Industry. Offence is only intended if you imagine it to be.)

Lately in the midst of the deadly H1N1 Virus is another "JV Epidemic" potentially spreading! I've just heard from reliable sources that some self-acclaimed professional wedding photographers with strings of awards from DBKL, oops.. sorry, it should be WPJA or AGWPJA has started accepting students, teaching courses and conducting workshops.

Professionals who are genuinely concerned about the development of the wedding photography industry in Malaysia should be aware that in the name of "bringing up our standards of photography" in the industry, we're actually killing it by unknowingly(or knowingly) encouraging certain untrained professionals to start a new money-making path in teaching photography.
Oops.. sorry again.. who am I to say "untrained" when WB'kl' has accepted and awarded them.

That probably explains partially why a well-known wedding photographer in Sabah quit WPJA lately. I'll think it's a wise decision. You can read it here.

Awards definitely does not necessarily prove anything, especially when it's subscription-based.

Guess the good old days when we get real teachers who practice what they preach is long gone! Today, everyone and anyone can teach. See? You don't necessarily have to do it first before you teach someone. It's sad! Have we all become con-artists instead of real artists?

(Of course, not all awarded photographers in WPJA/AGWPJA/PPA/etc. are crap. Please read this post like you eat a fish-that is, leave the bones, you are not a cat!)