Thursday, May 28, 2009

Answers to Quiz

I have been busy with my projects that I haven't been updating. These are the answers to the 1 AVENUE's Quiz:
1. Camera in the picture is NIKON D3
2. His favourite lens now is Canon 35mm F1.4L
By the time I post this, he may have a different favourite lens again.

Changing a favourite lens after a few months(or weeks for some) does freshens up our perspectives and how we see things, don't we? Using PRIME lenses forces us to walk nearer or away from our subjects to crop our shots when we shoot. This builds a discipline in us until the perspectives become a part of our intuition, a second nature.

Challenge: Try achieving 6 shots worth to be hanged on your wall with one lens(one fixed focal length if you are using a zoom lens) before changing to another lens. Give yourself a week or two to achieve it. If you are disciplined and can live with the minimum, you can do this for a longer period. Having a whole arsenal in your backpack does not necessarily make you a better photographer. Half the time you don't use all the equipment. Having the best equipment is not gonna make you a better photographer too.

For "The Quiz Photographer", you can refer to
He is the GURU when you have questions on what equipment to buy!