Thursday, March 12, 2009

Upgrading-Revamping All Websites/Blogs

My deepest apologies to all who visit my blogs and websites. Currently, I'm personally upgrading/revamping/constructing/re-doing everything online, so you might clicked onto links that do not exist. As for full set of wedding images, if you'd like to see, my first choice is to show you by meeting you in person, 2nd choice - email to you if you really need to scrutinize my work. I'll be more than glad to do that. As for latest packages and promotions (so sorry, all existing packages found in this blog no longer exists), you'll have to email me the details of what you want.
I'll prefer to see you in person to discuss in details about your photography needs if possible, unless you are staying overseas.. then I'll do my best to communicate via email or whatever latest technology I know best (but, I am a "dinosaur", so do pardon me that I'm really a man who still uses an old mobile phone, and struggles with skype/facebook/etc.) However, you can always volunteer to be my teacher if you think you can teach a cow. :)
If you want the quickest response in anything, call or sms to +6012-636 2128, and you'll find my response within latest 12 hours.
Meet me in person if you are seriously interested in my works (or me).