Friday, March 13, 2009

Comparison Between Nikon D700 and Canon 5D

For your own viewing pleasure... all files are shot in RAW, converted using Adobe Lightroom default settings, no color-correction or tweaking in any way has been done to the files at all except for the RAW conversion.

Both ISO1600, 85mmF1.8 lens, shot using Av mode, Auto White Balance.

Both ISO200, 85mmF1.8lens, shot using F1.8, Av mode, Auto White Balance.

Both ISO1600, 85mmF1.8lens, shot using F1.8, Av mode, Auto White Balance.

It seems that Canon generally underexpose, and Nikon tends to overexpose. Nikon has cleverer auto white balance and generally cleverer exposures. I have personally tested post-editing both sets of files and found that Nikon files require less tweaking to achieve the desired results. I've yet to personally test the 5Dmark2 but should get a chance at it soon.
Also, overall, the dials on the Canon kept being accidentally switched about(eg. switches to JPG mode, etc.) while hanging on my shoulder throughout the day BUT never did once happened to my Nikon. This is one big disappointment. (And yet the latest 5Dmark2 body is a similar body to the 5D).

I've begun my journey of appreciation of the Nikons afresh (I used to shoot with my Nikon FM)... and I seriously think it's a designer brand with such fine designer's touch to it's designs. I can see that much thought has been put into the R&D process, paying attention to every detail a photographer on the move will possibly encounter. Such meticulous efforts are definitely worth to be commemorated!

However, the continual effort by all digital camera makers to make images more like film still has a long way to go. I still very much prefer what my film cameras can do for me.