Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Need to Keep This Blog Alive

I am sorry to all my followers for not having been blogging here. But most of all, I think I owe myself the greatest apology for such inconsistence and for giving up.

A lot has been happening in my life especially inside of me that made me become reclusive. But overall, I think it's for the better.

When I look back at my blog posts in the past years since I started blogging, it's like looking at my diary. I am reminded of the feelings, the experiences and even to the details of my five senses of each different photos I posted, what I was going through at that time, and how I thought and felt. This is a good reminder that a visual diary can be more powerful than a written one sometimes.

Overall, I think I matured (not that I am willing to give up the child in me). I matured in knowing that the greatest regret one could possibly have at the time of death could be NOT HAVING BEEN TRUE TO ONESELF all those years. If I have to put up a pretense all my life, I think it's better to be dead.

I've always believed that our photographs that we take represent us. We are all attracted to capture what interests and draws us. And often, that which draws us are things that are closest to our hearts, things that are deep within us, things that we long for, things that we are angry at, things that we are still struggling to overcome, things that we miss.

But the unfortunate(or fortunate) thing in this world is most people don't look at a photograph long enough to understand it, or interpret it. It's at the same time fortunate because we can still have our little secrets hidden in our photographs that only we ourselves know what it's all about.

That keeps us shooting, even with the lack of appreciative audience, the lack of understanding from others.

After all, we have to ask ourselves. Do we shoot for others or do we shoot for ourselves? If it's my personal visual diary, I don't shoot for anyone else but myself.

If you are still reading till here, you probably understand at least half of what I have said. If you aren't, you belong to the common crowd out there who's probably more interested in other stuff in life.

So, photography should go beyond what's right and wrong (as long as you are technically competent in achieving what you want). Photography is NOT about shooting to please others (of course you can't do that to your clients).

If no one ever put a "like" on your photos, will you still continue to shoot and share?