Saturday, April 23, 2011

Enjoying Photography as Art

Photography as Art is all about emotions, your inner senses, your gut feeling. When you look at an image and can't feel what the photographer is saying, you fail to communicate to the photographer. It's like reading body language. Sometimes, the photographer leaves an open end for your imagination, sometimes an immediate answer to your question. It's pure unspoken pleasure between the artist and the viewers, and willing audience only.

The ones who try to define photography with rationalism fail to communicate with their feelings. They skip the pleasure of the senses. It's hard when photography is so dependent on cameras. It's hard to avoid thinking about the camera and lens behind an image, and the exposure settings, etc. We can go on and on about sharpness, the "right" way or your "preferred" way of doing it, and forget the emotional communication between you and the photographer.  

Try understanding the photographer through his/her images. You'll be a happier person.