Friday, March 11, 2011

Looking Beyond Sharpness. (Pic: Two Different Shades)

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I've been keeping quiet for a long time and I believe I'll continue to keep quiet. That's because I choose to let my images speak for me instead of my writings.

In this country I live in currently, I face the problem of people reading and understanding images more than anything else. We have no lack of knowledge of the latest cameras, photographic technology, the best lenses, the newest remote flash gimmicks, Photoshop tools, etc. but we lack people who can read images beyond simply sharpness and bokeh

Is sharpness and bokeh all that you see in an image? If you are asked to describe an image emotionally, can you do so? If we can't even read images, how can we shoot them? 

What's the reason of you picking up photography? To earn FAME or CASH?

I enjoy photography as an art form. I shoot what I see and feel, and what I see and feel changes at different stages of my life. I practise it because I like it, NOT because others like what I do OR give me recognition and cash.

I enjoy sharing my images and what I know. I like being myself. If what I share benefits you, stay with me. If not, please find someone else who benefits or inspires you. 

In photography, it's hard for us not to talk about gears. But to grow in image-making, it's time to look beyond cameras, lenses, sharpness and bokeh. You will see no mention of gears in my blog this year.