Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Q & A

Q: What camera should I buy?
A: What do you intend to shoot?
Q: I'm not sure. A bit of everything?
A: I need to know more specifically where your interest lies.
Q: hmm.. maybe Macro?
A: Then, get a DSLR with a macro lens.
Q: But... it's too bulky. Is there another option?
A: Get the E-PL2 with the macro converter.
Q: But I would love to shoot portraits with very blur background like those pros do. Can I?
A: Of course you can with the E-PL2. Use the Nokton 25mm F0.95 lens, but it's manual focus.
Q: Ha? But I don't want manual focus...
A: Then, get a DSLR.
Q: But I love street photography too! I heard the pros use Leica one?
A: Not necessarily Leica. Rangefinders in particular.
Q: What's a rangefinder? It must be Leica. That famous photographer Henry something also used that right?
A: You mean Henri (pronounced as "onri") Cartier Bresson?
Q: Ya ya ya! I want a Leica.
A: But it's manual focus too!
Q: Sigh! Don't they have autofocus Leicas?
A: Nope. And a rangefinder can't do Macro shots.
Q: Why? It's a camera also what. Can change lens right?
A: Ok ok... maybe you mount the DR(dual range) Leica 50mm summicron on it to do closeup shots, plus some additional closeup filters... but there will be parallax errors.
Q: What's parallax errors?
A: Arghh... ok.. forget it. Trust me, get a DSLR. The Leica is a manual focus camera, remember?

to be continued... ...