Sunday, August 08, 2010

Your Signature

I hardly do any blog-plugging as I'm not a big believer in it but this is one article I really agree with which I feel like sharing: "The Pen and The Signature"

It's an article I couldn't agree more with. When I look at my works, there is an identical signature whether I shot it with a compact, a dslr, a rangefinder or a medium format camera. The way we see things in each one of us are just different and unique. Some constantly produce images which are just so hard to accept. Whereas some constantly produce images which most of us feel awesome about. There is no finishing line in photography as I have ever mentioned. So do what you wish and have your followers or don't.

The "Ego" problem comes in when photographers begin to compare recognition, the amount of followers they have, the amount of cash they make, the amount of awards they win... BUT none of these has anything to do with Real Photography: Your Signature. You sign the way you want and you like. You don't sign to compete. The more you should not COPY others' signature. Everyone's signature has his own pride! Unless you give up your pride.

So it doesn't matter whether you shoot with a compact or a pro dslr; and whether you shoot film or digital, your signature remains the same. Some like to boast they do well with dslrs, and some boast they are disciplined photographers who shoot film, but at the end of the day, your works speak for you.

There are digital shooters I admire as well as film shooters I admire. And when I admire their works, it's not about whether it's film or digital. If your works can go beyond people seeing it as film or digital, I think you made it. Or rather, when people stop discussing over how nice the bokeh is in your shots, and what lenses you used for it... it's the beginning of people appreciating your works as art. Well at least, that's my personal benchmark. If your audience flip through your works like browsing newspapers, you should know what that means...

Lastly, a reminder to myself and to everyone: Let's Go Out and Shoot!