Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Son's First Shots of Me

These are my 3 year old son's first shots of me a while ago using the Canon G7. He has since improved in "image stabilisation" and cropping. However, my wife just found out today her G7 might need to see a doctor due to corner of images blurring - suspected sensor problem. I should have handed a Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 to my kid.

He has great eyes for details, like he ever spotted a fly resting on his rocking horse 5 meters away, a flying kite xx kilometers away in the sky while traveling in a moving car, etc. and etc. Though he forgets where he put his stuff many times, and ever hid his mum's pen drive in between some boxes for over 48 hours before finding it. He also has this "Creative Director" temper when he'll lash it out at his parents when we fail to draw on paper the stuff he wants or arrange his toys the way he wants. I consider that part of my retribution. He has almost 100% of my wife's looks and almost 100% of my temperament. How bad could this get? (I'm referring to the temperament part, undeniably, my wife looks good... hee hee...)

Lastly, for all those who have not procreated, I believe your offspring are your best teachers in life and God has definitely intended it that way. So, go forth and multiply.