Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Pursuit for Truth

It's interesting nowadays people no longer value the importance of what is truth and what is a lie which might potentially hurt someone if they just conveniently press the forward button on the email system. Have our values of integrity and honesty eroded so badly? It's a selfish world today isn't it?

It's even more amazing that after going through years of education, we simply believe and even forward an email written by someone we never met, not-to-mention he could be a man using a feminine name in the email.

Recently there has been a slanderous email circulating about me saying that I collected her deposit but didn't turn up for the job. The fact is that the same email is sent out under 3 different names: Aileen, Shirley and May Fong. We replied the emails asking for documental proofs and contact details but he/she has not complied at all.

Obviously her authenticity is questionable since going to the small claims court or the media would definitely be more effective than staying behind emails with a fake identity. We have since lodged a police report in order for us to track the IP address and take legal action.

I have been a photographer since 2000 in Singapore and from my 1st client to my latest client, every one of them has a contract. I'll never confirm any jobs without a contract signed and stamped by both parties.

Well, life goes on happily as a photographer, for to capture the best shot, I always believe I need to see further, deeper and wider in every aspects of my life. Photography skill matures with you. Time will prove everything.